Emma Thomas

Emma started carving out her career aged just 15, when she worked with children with special needs at a holiday club. Leaving school at 16, Emma started working as a classroom assistant in a primary school, where she achieved a Foundation Apprenticeship in Childcare within a year. She then became after school club leader and progressed to an Apprenticeship in Childcare, whilst working as a deputy manager in a nursery.

Determined to set up her own nursery, she purchased and renovated an old school building in St Clears, working to a tight schedule. Leading her team by example, Emma has recently completed a Higher Apprenticeship in Childcare Leadership and Development Management and encourages all her staff to develop their skills and achieve vocational qualifications.

“To ensure that I provide a very high standard child care environment for families I need to have high quality staff who constantly improve their skills to fulfil their potential.”

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