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Melanie Durney

An organisation steeped in local history and ever present throughout her childhood, Melanie drew on her background in business finance to fulfil a lifelong ambition and join the Port of Milford Haven as docks administrator.

Five years on, Melanie and her team are heading up a multi-million pound regeneration project set to bring jobs, boost tourism and create a brighter economic future for her beloved home town.

Melanie is now focused on providing vocational opportunities to other staff members. She is also committed to helping ensure plans are set to create further economic and social advantages for the wider region.

"I’m really passionate about the changes taking place here and take them very seriously on behalf of my local community. “Continuing my learning while working has ensured that I’m up-to-date on best practice and processes within the sector and, more importantly, able to bring much more into the role and the wider business."
Melanie Durney

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